3725706333553_1906790409702Wa municipal Assembly off late has not gone on their usual duty of catching animals that roam on the roads of the region. It has been two years since this took place and this has caused a lot of road accidents with some leading to loss of lives so the assembly decided to come into the issue. An enquiry was made by Upper West Media at the Assembly with the Environment Officer Mr. Atta and he said

“We had a problem with the vehicle used for that purpose but now we’ve worked on it and will be coming on duty anytime soon, it could be today or tomorrow so people should expect us”. When asked if people were informed of this? He said

“we usually go on press talk every Wednesday with Mr. Donkor who is our public relations officer, so we shall be communicating with the public on Bugli Fm sooner” We Also asked if  one would be charged if  his animal was caught and he said ” when your animal is  in our possession, what we charge is Ghc 15.00 so as the days Go By Each Day Is Tantamount to Ghc15.00 until its 10 days, when its 10 days without anyone coming forth then we will have no option than to sell the animals”.

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