The Wa Municipal Assembly in Upper West Region has outlined several measures to avert flooding in the municipality to save lives and protect property.

The Assembly ordered business owners, landlords, organizations and prospective estate developers who have built on unapproved sites and waterways to remove their structures with immediate effect.
The measures were outlined in a statement issued to the Ghana News Agency and signed by Mr Abdul Salam Kadiri, the Municipal Coordinating Director.
It said it was “highly prohibitive” by law for developers and landlords to build and erect structures in unapproved places within the Municipality.
“Individual developers, businesses and organizations who have constructed their buildings on water ways are by this announcement notified of an eminent and immediate demolition exercise to remove all structures situated on water ways and unapproved locations within the Municipality,” the statement said.
It said the Assembly and its collaborating agencies have observed with grave concern the extent of damage caused to property, human and animal life following a week-long downpour in Wa in the last few days.
The statement urged individuals and companies who have official permits and or other forms of certifications for their buildings to make them available for validation before the exercise begins.
Early this week heavy rains caused extensive damage to lives and property in the municipality, prompting both the regional and municipal disaster management teams led by the MCE to visit the affected areas to ascertain the level of damage.
“To all affected individuals, groups and organizations, we empathize with you on the hardship the perennial rains might have caused you,” the statement said.
The Assembly reassured the public of its commitment to improve the quality of life of people by harnessing human and material resources for the provision of basic infrastructure and socio-economic services.


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