Wa Municipal Hospital

Madam Sahadatu Mohammed, the Environmental Health Officer at the Wa Municipal Hospital has indicated that the facility is in dire need of an incinerator to help manage its waste materials.

She said the incinerator at the facility had broken down for some time now forcing the management of the facility to resort to the use of pits to manage waste materials such as placenta which was a challenge to the facility.

Madam Mohammed said this in an interview with Info Radio in Wa when she responded to concerns from some business operators around the hospital of a pungent odour that emanated from the facility causing discomfort and feared it could affect their health.

The businessmen behind the hospital along the main Wa-Kumasi road noted that sometimes the stench became so severe that customers were unable to withstand it.

Meanwhile, Madam Mohammed explained that the odour was emanating from a placenta pit at the facility and that they were doing their best to manage it but observed that an incinerator would have brought a lasting solution to the problem.

“We used to give the placenta to the woman’s relatives to bury but we realized that it was not helping because dogs sometimes had access to the buried placenta.

“So, we dug a septic tank type of pit, about 6 feet with a vent pipe where we drop the placenta”, she narrated.

She explained that they have a mixture of three different chemicals that they use to treat the waste in the pit, twice a week, but because of financial challenges, they are not able to get all the chemicals all the time to treat.

Madam Mohammed, therefore, appealed to the government and benevolent individuals and organization to come to their aid by providing the facility with an incinerator to enable them effectively manage their waste.

Source: Info Radio

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