Mentally Unstable Girl within Wa Municipality.

A mentally unstable girl spotted having a child and spends the night at the Wa central market is prone to men who sometimes abuse her sexually.

The girl believed to be in her teen age usually trolls the Wa-Mase Road, Seidu Tendana streets, Kpaguri Streets, Dankpalihi streets during the day.

Her identity has not been obvious but she was seen around the town for close to a month Now.

The mentally unstable girl and her child is prone to health risks and people are concerned about what the child eats and how how the child is cleaned to prevent health challenges.

According to eyewitnesses within the Wa Kejetia, Men make advances on the girl when she settles in the uncompleted shops in the Market to Rest, they buy her gifts and food to lure her according to concerned people.

Many have called for Non Profit Organizations to Aid the girl and also for people who have come across her and can identify her guardians to share the the information that their ward is within the Wa Township.

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