Youth Employment Authority has brought out the list of people qualified to come for interview and be employed as Community teachers in the region. Many have reacted to the list, some say its bias and others say its propaganda and bribery that has generated that list but most people say the list is based on religious affiliation and people are picked based on their names and based on whether they are Muslims or not.

The list is occupied with Islamic names and others say even the few exceptional names have passed through unjust means to be part of the list that being the reason such names have been ticked with blue ink by them. Where are we heading with such an attitude. If we all decide to grant favors based on denomination affiliations what is going to be the outcome of it. Some residents are insisting they want to know the mode of selection of people or else maybe compelled to demonstrate against the list and after which if nothing is done will be compelled to vote against the ruling National Democratic Congress(N.D.C). They have threatened to write a petition to the national level to seek redress.

Out Of 115 shortlisted people in the list 18 were of different religious affiliations whiles 97 were with Islamic names, with the disability list 15 were shortlisted, 5 were of different religious affiliations whiles 10 were with Islamic names for the first phase of the recruitment.
Mr. Saani Nurideen, the Upper West Regional Coordinator of YEA, said the Agency had employed 3,000 youth into some of its modules as at September, this year, and it was expecting the figure to hit 8,000 by the end of 2016.

He gave the assurance that the payment of salaries of YEA’s employees would no longer be a challenge with the enactment of Act 887, which spelt out clearly that salaries would now come from the Consolidated Fund.

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