Way back one decade ago, I was a young and energetic man working as a small scale miner in a community around Manwe in the Wa East District of Upper West Region.

As a man who made money through mining, I couldn’t believe what I used to earn per day at a Mining site, I spent millions a day and in weeks, by then I had many friends hailing and celebrating me over my wealth, the fact was that enjoyment was key in my conscience and the other thing was to please friends by spreading cash for them to also have fun.

At some point in Wa, that is close to the Dodoo Street, I parked my car at a tea joint and thought of my car ‘eating’ some crates of eggs so I ordered for four crates of eggs, placed them under my cars four tyres and drove over them, that was how naughty and ignorant I could go with too much money.

On one occasion too, I travelled to a community and on my return I realized my car was dirty and had too much dust on the tyres, I resorted to buying a crate of malt for some boys to wash my car instead of water. I really went off key with money when I think of it.

It was difficult to advice me by then because I had no financial education, I also believed more will come from where the others came from.

On thing that helped me was the fact that I used to donate cash to the elderly and the less privileged and this built a safety capital for me today. What I mean by safety capital is that today I do not have much money but people do not insult or criticize me because they admitted I was kind when I had money.

Let’s be Kind and Prudent with Money for time and opportunities are becoming scarce due to the increase in childbirth.


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