Few years Back, my elder sister had gotten a suitor that was interested in her, they kept talking till everything went as expected, the man was industrious and meant well. He said he was from a Country Behind Burkina Faso, He came here to strive and raise some capital for Business Back at Home.

He married my sister in an Islamic Grand style and they stayed here in Wa for two years.

Later he came to inform us that he will be leaving to his hometown to settle permanently, he took his wife and left.

Five years on, we didn’t hear from our sister, she used to call frequently till her phone developed a fault, so we went to a very close friend of her husband who had links with our in-law, he informed us that our sister was doing very well, he also broke news to us that our sister gave birth to her second child.

We were fascinated by the news but couldn’t travel over 1050km to meet her.

At some point we were curious to hear from our sister so we urged him(husband’s country man) to get us through to our sister so we could Speak to her. He gave a date and agreed to it.

We contacted her and she told us things weren’t well, she told us her husband sent her to a community farm for over 8 months and only comes there to get her pregnant, she added that there was nothing like chop money over there and that all they could access was fruits and some unhealthy water from the stream and many other stories, we asked where her children were and she said her husband came for them, took them to the city and left her behind.

We were set aback by the news so we decided to seek for support in getting her out of that wilderness. The Good Samaritan by name Ali gave some directives after he heard the touching story of our sister, he told us our sister cannot leave the wilderness so easily because lots of people will be monitoring so the best option was to take her out of the place through Togo and that we had to hire a motorbike to do so.

I agreed and we settled on Ghc5,000. He took Ghc3000 as deposit and would take the rest after the deal is sealed.

He travelled to Bawku the Next Day and got someone to assist him, the person travelled to a community in ‘Niamee’ with the lady’s picture, he called and directed the lady to run away and meet her in a park, that was where he lifted her from and left, went through Sokode into Bawku and Got her a ticket to travel back to Wa.

We gave Ali a Ballance of Ghc2,000 after our sister arrived at the lorry station looking impoverished, devastated and helpless, we couldn’t even identify her due to the Skin Decoloration all over her body.

We vowed never to give any of our sisters to a stranger we knew little about, we also advised our sister to do background checks before bringing a man home as a suitor, marriage is a lifetime venture.

Source: Upper West Media App

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