Wa Naa’s Secretary (Left), Mr
Gaeten Kala(Right)

The Secretary to the Overlord of Waala Traditional area, Jimpenhi Naa Kadri Ibrahim has drafted a note in remembrance of how his teacher used diplomacy in Improving his Communication Skills in English.
He expressed gratitude to his former teacher for the changes he has made in him.


The half-baked bread!

We had a great English Language teacher in Mr. Gaten Kala, now CEO of Kalgaston Ltd. This was over two decades ago at Kabanye J.S.S.

In his quest to develop the requisite writing skills in us, he skillfully crafted series of Essay topics for us to work on. I wish to share one of such thought provoking Essays. It was on the half-baked bread:

“In not less than 150 words, write a story to illustrate the expression “the half-baked bread, the poison we must avoid.”

I wrote an interesting piece of the essay that illustrated that the half-baked bread could be a real poison. Mr. Kalgaston was really impressed by my work. He remarked, “Keep it up! You are a beginning to be a creative writer.”

Mr. Kalgaston today says he is very proud of me. I am glad about that. I wish to also be the proud teacher of others in the future.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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