Dr. Pelpuo (Left), Dauda Haadi(Right)

NDC’s Dignafuro Branch Youth Organizer for Wa Central Constituency, Mr. Dauda Haadi has expressed dismay with treatment he has received from the Wa Central Member of Parliament, Dr. Pelpuo Hassan since he Joined the Party.

The Development took place on 16th January 2023 through Social Media.

According to Haadi, the Member of Parliament had sidelined the youth and only gives insignificant amounts of money to them to calm their nerves.

He referred to amount of Ghc700 given to him as a token that could hardly solve anyone’s problem. According to Haadi, he deserves better than Ghc700 given to him by the member of Parliament. Dauda however did not disclose why he was given the said amount but Expressed dissatisfaction with the treatment he was receiving as a party Executive of the NDC.

He continued that his father has served the party since 2004 but could show nothing for it.

Dauda Haadi’s Statement

“We deserve better not 700gh.
That’s my dad back at 2004”

“We not those who started following him yesterday.
We are tired and benefits nothing”

His Statements didn’t go down well with the Deputy Communications Officer for Wa Central, Abubakari Bitis who referred to Haadi as Ungrateful party Executive

Statements from Abubakari Bitis

“You are a very ungrateful human being I have ever seen. A lot has not even gotten half of what you got. Anyway the tomorrow pregnant.

Bring Your Mothers Story as well. May her Soul Rest In Peace.
Dauda Haadi.
I think what you need now is Bahass Gh. You just damaged your little reputation. They will fear you more than us. 😀😀😀”

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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