As a Single girl roaming and not attracting enough suitors, I resorting to seeking for spiritual support to be noticed and taken as a wife.

We did a lot in the traditional process and I finally got someone who approached, we went along but it was like a normal friendship, not spicing and fascinating, we kept managing till it was over a year, no child was knocking so we decided on looking for it from elders, like the saying goes ‘what an elders sees sitting, a child cannot even if he or she climbs a Goŋo Dao’. Though the narrative has partly changed, we met his family over it and they sent me to a spiritual lady in a Community within Wa, she assured I needed to take some herbs whilst she does the traditional Reincarnation calling.

This took a month and there were conditions that, once I conceive and deliver successfully, I’ll have to come and pay some prices, I agreed and left, in two months  I conceived and we had some level of joy in my home hoping for a child till it was nine months, I put to bed a baby boy at one of the health centers in Wa, it was joy all over so my husband after a week, want back to the community to inform the Woman, she told my husband the baby was from a river goddess.

“..that child was chained in the spiritual realm, I begged for him for you, he was serving a sentence there because when he was alive, he engaged in some rituals for wealth and had to pay in return by serving a goddess under the water, so there is a price to pay for his past actions..”

My husband agreed to their conditions and we paid with 4 Chameleons, the hair of a dwarf, one of the difficult things we had to look for, 500 Cowries, a piece of gold and a Smock.

The Child became ours but we were told in 40 years time it has to be renewed else the child will die through mysterious circumstances.

We lived happily but sad with an unstable child who brought luck to the house, we had money and opportunities, we had love and the family had the attention it deserves but this condition of renewing a covenant in 40 years was a problem, so we kept reminding ourselves and deducting years.

17 years along the line, my son went into high school and started behaving strange, we consulted and I was told he met a spiritual mate and they got married spiritually, this meant that my son had to leave his body at night to satisfy his spiritual wife at night, sometimes they had to meet in the forest to have underground conversations, his actions weren’t normal in school and some mates of his tagged him as abnormal, we were called to school and told to take him home for treatment, we took him to Wa East and we were told he belongs partly to the water world so he could marry spiritually, we shouldn’t try to force earthly demands on him.

We can’t also have our son behaving abnormally, how do we solve this issue of partial madness, is this the kind of inconsistent child we wanted? We begged his principal that he gets registered for his exams so he can write when the time is due, he agreed.

Our Son Wrote 6 Papers and abandoned the rest, he went into the bushes for close to 5days and Returned after some papers were over, when we consulted him, he said he went to a river side and was there with some women for days.

The issue was becoming too much so we resorted to Pastors behind the scenes, we took him to a Man of God in one Popular Church within the Ashanti Region, unfortunate he assessed him and told us the spirit our child was carrying wasn’t something he could deal with, he sent us Away, since then we have visited about 5 Spiritualists to get this spiritual wife chased away but couldn’t.

Our Son is done with school and is currently, 37 years, we are getting set for another renewal of covenant or he loses his life, he is our only son.

I’ll advice people not to force themselves into some marriages or relationships, do not also insist on childbirth by forcing it, for the wages of sin is death and the gift of God is eternal life, where we found ourselves today was not ordained by God, we forced it and we are regretting today with an Evil Child.

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