The Shield

A New Rest and Energy Joint in the Wa Municipality has taken over the town with it’s prodigious appearance and Hospitality Services close to Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University.

Lots of Pizza and Soft Drinks Available this Christmas and New Year.

‘The Shield’ is one of the Locations people can’t stop trooping to see due to how unique it is. The Shield has a Pub on top of it’s Lube Bay and a Washing Bay for Motorbikes and Cars, it also has a swimming Pool behind the Lube Bay for a refreshing bath.

The Shield also has a sachet water producing company attached known as Dayel water.

Fuel services are also available for interested buyers.

It was opened to the Public within the Middle of December 2022.

The fuel Station affiliated to goil is to serve people in Wa and especially those at Kpongu, Bamahu, Kpaguri, Napogbakolee, Dandafuro, Kagu, Balawa etc.

It’s part of 25 Rest Joints in the Upper West Region of Ghana with the likes of Dellagio, Africano, Upland, Bluehills, Fanco, Pelican, Royal Cossy Hills, In-Service Training Center, The Guys, First and Last, Catering Rest House, Joy Zone, Chicken Republic, Spicy Foodies Restaurant, Second Kitchen, Nuoyong, Queens Valley, Focus, Maryland, Sem B etc.


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