Anaakaa Warris (Left), Tinaa Musah Adams (Center), Alhaji Abudi (Right)

A Journalist cum host of Tijaayela Program on Home Radio has issued an appology and retracted for labeling false allegations against radio Mak’s Morning Co Host, Mr. Tina Musah Adams and a colleague Hafiz.

Speaking on Home Radio’s Tijaayela, a Socio Political Talk Show on Tuesday 15th August 2023, Mr. Anaakaa Warris Apologized for distorting  the character of Tina Musah Adam and another Gentleman only identified as Hafis.

“Few months ago, we carried a story about Alhaji Abudi and Adams on our radio Network, we didn’t give Adams and Hafis a fair hearing before discussing their story so we will on behalf of Home Radio Network Render an Appology to them, it wasn’t fair to put our that story without their consent, we are deeply sorry for that, in the future we shall give them that fair hearing to get their side or the story, we will urge you to still have that confidence in Home Radio to develop us through effective communication”.


In April 2023, Mr. Warris Anaakaa reported that, a Journalist with Radio Mak and Corresponding Journalist of Metro Television, Mr. Tinaa Musah Adams was Arrested by The Police For Defrauding a Business Man by name Alhaji Abudi.

Speaking about the Development on Tijaa Yela Program on Monday, 17th April 2023, Anaakaa Warris, A Journalist Revealed that the Morning Show Host of Radio Mak connived with a second party by name Hafiz to extort monies from a Business Man in Wa.

“…Few Days ago, a Young man by Name Tinaa Musah Adams, a worker with Mak FM connived with a another person by name Hafiz to scam a Gold Miner by Name Alhaji Abudi, since 2021, they have extorted monies from Alhaji Abudi till today, they have been exposed… A CID Officer travelled from Accra to Wa to Arrest the Journalist but he was granted bail, today(17th April 2023), he had to report again for investigations  at the CID Office in Accra..”

Mr. Warris Anaakaa Added that the Suspected Journalist was hired by Alhaji Abudi together with his colleague Hafiz to for see developments including renewal of his Mining License and other Documents in Accra on his behalf.

He continued that the duo, Adams Tinaa Musah and Hafiz Resorted to extorting monies and forging documents in deceiving their employer.

“..they create fake text messages and forward it to themselves indicating those messages were from Minerals commission and Environment Protection Agency, these messages are later sent to Alhaji Abudi for Huge sums of Monies, they later forge receipts to correspond with the amounts…”

“.. Alhaji Abudi pays for Flight tickets, hotel and supports you with cash when he sends you on an errand to Accra to work on his documents..”

He gave details on how the duo planned to extort some foreigner as well.

“They wanted to take a Mining site of Alhaji Abudi away from him and register it under another through false pretenses, what they did was that they contacted some whites demanding for Ghc1million added that they’ll give out Ghc100,000 of such amount to Minerals commission to transfer Alhaji Abudi’s Permits to the Whites, they informed Alhaji Abudi that the Minerals Commission Planned to Use part of his Land as a Community Mining site for Youth in Wa East, this raised suspicions so Alhaji Abudi investigated the issue and tracked them in Accra at a point where they were about to collect Ghc1 million from some white Men.. “

The Case is under investigation by the Police.


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