Alhaji Ali Kamara, Incumbent Chairman’s Son Tagged ‘Grassroot team led by Mr. Hamid Osman as a setback.

The Son of Wa Central NPP Constituency Chairman, Alhaji Ali Kamara has revealed several developments within the Party’s Wa Central Constituency Level ahead of their internal elections.

On Ali Kamara Rashid’s Social Media Wall,  he tagged the 2020 Parliamentary Candidate for the Party as a lesbian and a scammer who is coming into the constituency with a hidden agenda.

That tag of “Team Humu Awudu” will forever be
tagged onto you till you encounter your defeat.
You can not hide under wolf clothes to change the
theme from “Team Humu Awudu to that of Team

Grassroot” just to pursue a known mission
sanctioned by that same lesbian who is cursed by
her own biological father.
Team Humu Awudu will flop insha Allah.

He added that he hasn’t regretted what he stated and will stand by it no matter what.

And that useless drug lord, lesbian, scammer,
jingo, forbidden daughter, disloyal and ungrateful
Humu Awudu just screen shot my post and sent
to a true confidant of I to kindly tame me down.
Foolish, did you forget the ravages it could cause
me and their families, upon you sanctioning those
little yummies to paint humble and innocent

janitors who fought your battle?
Like I said, I speak it like it is and let the rest for
the chicks to chose what my words may mean, in
Even my family knows me, if you are wrong I say it
plainly not to even talk of a cursed woman like you

Several People have reacts to hos post and tagged it as uncalled for.

The Elections are set for 30th April and Venue for Voting in Wa is Wa Technical Institute.


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