Lawyer Saeed Abdul Shakur, Senior State Attorney

Senior State Attorney, Lawyer Saeed Abdul Shakuur has urged the victim of video threat in Wa to be calm and composed during this trying time.

Lubabatu, a trainee nurse with the Tamale Nursing Training College had released a video on a tik tok account with name @portatablekeera indicating she would kill any patient who comes to a hospital she works with, she Explained that the video was only a trend she wanted to engage in but had no intention to execute what she said in the future.

She had Apologised after the trending video was released, seeking for forgiveness.

Senior State Attorney, Lawyer Saeed Abdul Shakur has adviced the Trainee as follows:

“Can you imagine. Whoever is
closed to lady should tell her to
switch off for some few days . This
too shall pass”.


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