Wa: Nurse Recollects What Happened Before the Video Was Released

The Student Nurse Threatened to Kill on TikTok but Apologized Afterwards

A Trainee Nurse from Wa had mistakenly recorded a video based on a trend on TikTok, it resulted in severe criticism in parts of Ghana.

She has deleted the video from her TikTok account and apologised afterwards. The video became a trending one early hours of 12th April 2022.

She has Narrated her ordeal to Upperwestmedia Team, giving details of how the issue begun.

“Before I made the video I had recorded several funny videos on TikTok, I made an English version of the video which had over 2,000 views, several people came to the comment section suggesting it’s a nice craft, they urged me to do more by producing one in Waali, along the line my Junior sister saw the idea to be great, she took the video and translated the voice to Waali on my behalf, she urged me to use my uniform to make it more creative, after the development, several people saw the new video in Waali and liked it but it didn’t go down well afterwards”.

Lubabatu Continued that her elder brother saw the video and advised her to delete it which she did.

“My elder brother saw the video and advised me to delete the video because it appeared sensitive, I deleted the video as he advised but before that people had already downloaded the video and circulated it”

Lubabatu’s video has been circulating in several platforms including on Metro TV.
Several people have defended Lubabatu Including Mr. Mwini Gabriel, Manager of Info Radio, he referred to the video as a comedy that shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Senior State Attorney, Lawyer Shakur has also advised Lubabatu to Switch Off her Phones Temporally.

She apologized after the video generated controversies.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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