Warris Annakaa Tagged Nurses, Cleaners in Wa Hospital as Careless

A Journalist with Home Radio Media Network in the Wa Municipality has referred to Nurses and cleaners in Wa Municipality hospital as an obnoxious group of people who care less about rendering quality services.

He noted that some nurses were so dormant at the facility, he sited instances where visitors were rather pushing patients with wheel chairs around due to nurses neglecting their work, he added that some nurses were very harsh and disrespectful when he approached the Facility for health services.

Wa Municipal Hospital

” I’m sure the hospital has oriented their staff on some ethical behaviours that are responsible yet the workers misbehave, the women there including nurses and cleaners are so disrespectful and I’m very disappointed in the staff there, if one is not very vigilante at the Wa hospital and take responsibility of their patients, the patient will be neglected and may even lose his or her life, nurses sit so reluctant, meanwhile if any of the staff is not paid salary, they look helpless, lots of people from villages are disrespected and disregarded in the Wa Municipal hospital”.

He went further to add that some workers, specifically cleaners in most wards are very antisocial and easily shout and yell at patients and visitors.

“Cleaners are too arrogant, previously without a job, you went around begging for this opportunity, today you behave as if you were forced to do the work, which law informed you that when a cleaner is in a ward everyone should seize operations, their behavior is backward and something has to be done, they should resign and leave the work, without patients you have no job and will lose the work ”

According to Warris Annakaa Popularly known as Chairman General on Tejaa Yela Program, the development is a wakeup call for management to transfer staff and reorganize the facility.

The Upper West Regional Director of National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), Mr. Ahmed Mustapha in the a past few weeks sent his wife to the Wa Municipal Hospital for treatment and was received horrendously.

The New Municipal Director Mr. Alex Bapula who was transferred from Sissala East to Wa Municipality has been urged to address the Developments. He assumed office on the 4th of May 2022 per a letter signed by Dr. Damian Punguyire, Regional Director of health.

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Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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