Hon. Masahudu Adam, Assembly Man for Kambali Electoral Area

A Nurse with the Upper West Regional Health Service has condemned the attitude of nurses towards patients lately.

According to Mr. Masahudu Adam,  who doubles as Assembly Member for Kambali Electoral Area, he suggested a hostile attitude engineers people to lose confidence in the work of Public sector health workers and as a result people resort to private facilities for health care delivery.

“People are not scared to incur debts,  there are private hospitals that charge much but people still go there,  so its the attitude of Nurses in our public facilities that is horrendous,  shouting at patients is not the way to go,  if a patient is Insulting you or yelling,  its part of the sickness, they may even have a psychological problem”.

He added that some people mistake administrative and casual staff for nurses and as a result,  when they encounter or have issues with such people,  they go about tagging nurses with abysmal names.

“Not only nurses,  mostly patients,  when they have an issue and go to the pharmacy,  records,  x-ray office and there is a problem they tagg them as nurses,  nurses don’t work there”.

A week ago,  a Journalist with the Home Radio,  Mr. Annakaa Warris Tagged Nurses, Cleaners in the Wa Municipal as Arrogant an Reckless.

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