Mr. Puo-ire Prosper, Former Upper West Regional NDC Communication Officer

A Former NDC Upper West Regional Communication Officer, Mr. Puo-ire Prosper has expressed concern with the rate at which some state Institutions go Scot free after abusing Citizens Deliberately.

He noted that some group of people have invaded the Upper West Regional Capital Making it Unsafe.

He made the Statements on 14th of March 2023 After a 27-Year old Man by name Shahid was shot dead at Degu Residential Area in the Wa Municipality on 8th March 2023.


For about a week and still counting now, rising tension in the Upper West Region, particularly within the Wa Municipality remains unabated.
A strange “police” unit has taken seige of the Municipality and life is not more normal.

Without the declaration of curfew, we are forced to sleep early. Man can no more have the freedom and luxury of time, to relax over a chilled beer till you feel the heat in the rooms have subsided.

Young folk who used to sit around their usual “tea bases” to share the jokes of the day, have been scared off their delight.

This “not well defined” police force can just swamp over a harmless gathering and scatter everyone by use of brutt force.

A notable feature of their strange operation is the arbitral and sparodic firing of live bullets into the air indiscriminately.

Last Wednesday, a young man from Dondoli unfortunately lost his life to this group. We hear, they are acusing him of being part of a robbery syndicate , the boy’s family has forcefully refuted that claim and have gone ahead to ask for justice.

Surpringly, in the midst of all these uncertainties, duty bearers whose source of livelihood is contingent on the sweat of the ordinary masses, have remained as silent as light.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the NDC my beloved party has since not uttered a word in the face of rising injustice.

I have heard countless stories about how this group has terrorised innocent civilians. Just this afternoon, I got wind of how a senior party officer ( name withheld) was last brutalised by these same officers.

Curious of what is happening in town, I took it upon myself to find out, who these police officers are and what is the true motive of their strange operation.

I am reliably informed that, they are an “Anti – robbery squad” deployed to clamp down on robbery. ( good idea by all standards).

It is however strange that, instead of patrolling our precarious highways and dark city centres, they chose to inflict pains on people at tea bases and drinking bars.

My deepest concern is to the NDC my beloved party. Our people say, when eating with the devil, come with a long spoon.

We must not see this as a usual operation. Akufi Addo still has intetest in the 2024 general election and we know his trade mark.

Let the NDC know that, the NPP is only rehearsing for the 2024 elections. They will deploy their party hooligans and thugs in the name of national security.

These people have the plan of suppressing voter confidence in NDC strong holds. They are targeting NDC seats.

Moving into 2024, more rogue security personnel will be deployed. We are being fooled to think that, these people have already been on the ground for security purposes.

They are an election thieving machine. We must watch with all eyes widely opened.

The silence of the Regional Minister and the MCE should give us a clue.

Our land is not safe
#Justice for Shahid#


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