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Some Stories Can be touching and Fascinating when you get to know how they ended.

A Past Student by Name Abigail Boateng has revealed how she was rescued by a VIP Bus Driver after nature pushed her into a deep sleep on her way to Nkoranza in the Bono East Region from Then Wa-UDS.

Whenever I’m traveling and I reach Akomadan p3 I laugh out so hard !
Reason is, I once joined a Kumasi bus so I alight at Techiman to continue from there to Nkoranza.
There are no VIP, OA, or STCs from Wa Straight to Nkoranza so while I was in school, I mostly joined  the Kumasi bus and alight at Techiman.
One time, I slept off and they took me to Akomadan. I was fast asleep. Only to wake up at Akomadan. I woke up to see signposts at the roadside that read “Akomadan something something.” It was an STC bus.
I shouted driver oh nka mesi Techiman oh !
Everyone started laughing, I even laughed at myself !
They stopped by the nearest police post/barrier and I alighted. It was during the harmattan season at about 12am I was shaking. I greeted the police men, they offered me a seat and laughed at me Kakra.

The driver told them exactly what happened. They assured me that if any bus heading Techiman reaches there p3 they will let me join it. Luckily enough, another STC bus came to my rescue.

Saa na the driver saw it and told him to pick me there so they take me back to Techiman.

That driver was amazing
The bus stopped right there, he didn’t allow the police man to talk mpo he was like where’s the lady who slept off no. We all burst out into laughter. I thanked the police men and off I went !
I didn’t sleep again till I got home. Nka next stop b3y3 Burkina Faso !

After She Revealed the Fascinating Story, a Gentleman Reacted to her story Sorrowfully, indicating that the Benevolent Driver who Picked her Up from Akumadan back to Techiman passed on in 2022. The Young Man Identified the Driver as E.K Frimpong.

“The STC Driver was my Dad.I mean the One who took you back to Tachiman. May his soul rest in Peace E. k Frimpong. I Remember he came home to tell me this story some time ago. He is late now. Just last year ooooo”.


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