Rashid Anaata

A Popular Beautician by name Rashid Anaata has finally Spoken after days of silence from the Media.

In an interview with the embattled beautician, he indicated why he decided not to speak to the Media when tensions were high few days ago, Anaata was accused of defiling over eight underaged girls from the Wa Municipality on several occasions.

Some three girls in a viral video stated that Anaata had Carnal knowledge of them and these girls were very emotional as they spoke in the viral video.

Speaking to the Media, Rashid Anaata Stated that the allegations against him were rather coming from friends, something he was shocked about, he continued that people he feeds and supports were those against him, he added that a brother of his advised him not to speak to the Media because there were tensions.

He Revealed that, he left town for safety reasons but will return because he has no where to hide in an Interview with Kunbiezung Kunlebzalim Kunteh on Home Radio today 29th May 2023.

“..Once an allegation goes public you must accept it, society will force it on you, I’m calling on God to help me, I’ll only call on God to save me from enemies and wicked people, today as I speak, all those I used close to socialize with are those insulting me around, Describing how Evil you are, you feed them..”

Source: upperwestmedia.net

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