Samini Is Aspiring to be SRC President

Award Winning Dancehall and Raggae Artiste who was previously Ambassador of MTN Ghana and Strong Supporter of the New Patriotic Party, Emmanuel Samini has declared his intention via stickers and posters to be SRC President of Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration(GIMPA).

Pibilinaa, which is his Royal Tittle in Wa has indicated his intentions to make acquisition of hostels for rent easy and affordable for students, he added that the school’s app will be improved to have more features for easy accessibility, he continued in his manisfesto that he will create an SRC help desk to assist Students with loans, NSS Registration and Intentionship Support desk. He added that he will revive the students shuttle service to lessen Transportation burdens.

Meanwhile, Samini few days ago blamed the NDC for attempting to sabotage his political campaign.

Samini Hopes to be Assisted by Mensah Mabel as Vice President.


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