Upper West Police PRO, Chief Inspector Gideon Ohene Boateng

A police Officer with the Wa District Police Command has been accused of Assaulting a lady called Bayou Jennifer on the Wa Ferguson Street.
The Incident took place on the 18th of April 2022 after the lady was reported to have disfigured his motorbike while moving in  Bajaj Tricycle with Registration Number M-UW-20-7446.


This is to yirimambo advocacy Concern citizens group, of the upper West region and Ghana at large to the police high command
It is alleged that a police lady has assaulted a civilian on the 18th day of the month of April, To that effect the civilian had to see a medical doctor.

Dear Sir/madam my name is Bayou Jennifer, I was on my way from the picnic ground at Wa school for the Deaf on the 18th of April
2022. Monday l entered John Mahama Tricycle with Registration number M-UW-20-7446 to my house around Sinapi Aba savings and loans. When we got to the police station roundabout,  the tricycle accidentally run into a motorbike which was parked at the triangular side of the roundabout.

We made a stop at where the incident occurred, the owner of the motorbike came around,  a police officer,  he said we have to buy him a new motorbike. The Tricycle driver and I begged and promised to fix the motorbike but he disagreed and insisted we should buy him a new motorbike. Still in the process of trying to sort things out, he called two police officers to come and push the Tricycle inside the yard of the police station.

Just as we were talking about the incident a female police officer who was not there as at the time the accident occurred came and started insulting me that am fool and she also added that what I was saying didn’t make sense just because I said the bike was wrongly parked. It was baffling why she wasn’t present as at the time of the incident yet was insulting me at that instance and slapped me, two other police officers male and female including the owner of the motorbike who is said to be an officer but was not in uniform,  forcefully pushed me behind the counter. It was there I got another slap from this same female police officer who slapped me the first instance. I was so confused and I didn’t understand why I was treated abysmally,  I asked her personally what I did wrong to deserve such slaps. She said that I was proving stubborn and even threatened to lock me up,  As though it was a joke they detained us behind the counter, few minutes later they called the Tricycle driver out leaving me there. I had to call my parents tout.he station, when they were told what had happened they weren’t happy so they insisted to know the female police officer that had slapped me twice.

To our surprise they said they don’t know her. Later one of the police officer came in and assisted me, and I was released from the station but as for the Tricycle, is still in the custody.

Now my eye and ear has been affected but as for the Tricycle is still at the police station due to the slaps I received from the female
police officer, and more to the point, how they treated me led to my finger dislocation finger.”

The issue has been put before Lance Corporal Kwame Abew for investigations to be carried out.

Efforts have been made to Reach Lance corporal Kwame Abew to get more details of efforts being made in that regard but he has not responded. Still pursuing the issue.

Source: Yirimambo Advocacy Group

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