Some Community Members in Kpongu have Expressed dissatisfaction with the rate at which the identity whistleblowers are Allegedly revealed by police officers at the Upper West Regional Police Headquarters.

Speaking at an open meeting on the 16th of September 2022, it was revealed that some volunteers are scared to give the police relevant leads to Apprehend criminals due to the fear of being targeted or stigmatized by crime suspects.

“We all know the perception of People, when we release Inform, the suspects get to known who brought the information, how do they get to know the whistleblower’s identity?, It’s because some police officers betray us at the Office.”

The Youth Added that, due to Communication lapses at the Police Headquarters, the commander has lost trust in the officers and has resorted to dealing directly with whistleblowers.
“The commander gave out his contact during a radio interview for Information, why did he do that? It is because he doesn’t trust his followers to get Information on his behalf, he feels they can divulge Information to second or third parties”.

Two Indegines of Kpongu have been killed so far in line of duty as Security Men, one along the Nakore Road and another close to Wa Technical Institute in different occasions.


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