Late Shahid (Left), Mr. Tamimu (Uncle to Shahid)

The family of a middle-aged man who was shot to death by an anti-robbery team in Wa has appealed for an independent investigation into the robbery tag to allow for the soul of their son to rest in peace.

The family maintains that contrary to the narration by the police, the victim, Abubakari Shahid was a law-abiding citizen who never engaged in any robbery as alleged by the police.

Speaking at a press conference in Wa, Mr Mohammed Tamin, a family member and President of Dondoli Youth, said the killing was a clear act of unprofessionalism, adding that they will resort to the law court to seek justice for the victim.

He also called on authorities and traditional leaders to act in accordance with the law for justice.

Meanwhile speaking on Info Radio’s Morning show the Public Relations Officer for the Upper West Regional Police Command, Chief Inspector Gideon Ohene Boateng said there is no need for the police to render any apology to the deceased family as he was suspected to be an armed robber

It was a solemn moment as family members, friends and sympathizers gathered to observe the three-day Islamic funeral rites of the late Abubakar Shahid who was shot and killed by the police last Wednesday on suspicion that he was a robber.

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