Information released to our media has it that the acting registrar for wa Polytechnic has been suspended indefinitely by the school’s Rector.
This happened after the rector accused the registrar, Ambrose D. Banaaleh of not being punctual to work. Other findings had it that the rector was issued a letter by the acting Registrar stating he wasn’t feeling well but had no responds from the Rector so he stayed off work perceiving it was received in good faith.
Later when he returned he realised the key to his door was changed, he enquired why and was issued a letter of Suspension from the rector for absenteeism.
The Rector was also reported by some individuals for refusal to endorse letters of Some lectures who are set for senior lecturer status after they were accused of not publishing articles to the number required to merit that status.
Wa polytechnic has always been in the news for issues relating to misunderstandings between council and some staff.
Wa poly has two sets of student groups[2016 and 2017] waiting to graduate.

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