After several questions have been unanswered as to when the two badges of the school’s 2016 and 2017 would graduate and have themselves prepared for the job market, the institution has finally come out to declare the exact month for the graduation,

Wa Polytechnic

several rumors circulating had it that the occasion was set for November but because the council was not in place the school had to shift the date to January to ensure proper preparation. Some of the students have complained that the institution has been taking their destiny for granted, they said “opportunity comes but one so if there is an opportunity and I don’t have my certificate after completion how do you expect me to grab the chance? you shouldn’t let you negligence affect many people, you can imagine sitting at home for up to one year six months without graduating and you expect other people to develop interest in the school, transportation is zero, accommodation is zero and even graduation too what else are we good at? and yet we expect an increase in number of admissions all these count. Let’s change to get a change”, some student association said to


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