Few days after some concerned students disclosed their unhappiness with the delay in graduation process, the school’s Public Relations Unit has come out with a Proposed date for Graduation.

Wa Polytechnic

The school suggested that by 31st March 2018, graduation would take place.

Some student groups calling themselves Wa Poly Alumni (Concern) recently expressed dissatisfaction with the pathetic approach toward the graduation process and had to extend it to the media for public address, some students suggested the time proposed may not be reliable as some other dates were proposed but nothing materialized.

Wa Polytechnic

‘If by 15th no steps are taken we would advice ourselves’ Nyaaba Said.
” We need to be certain because some financial issues go with graduations and students have to be organized for it to be successful, we all know its hard to come by money lately”.
Walid Said.

Tuorimuo of I.C.T department concluded that one issue witholding graduation is the fee, the institution assumes student cant pay based on their number and the charge, you shouldnt justify that alone, propose it, those who can afford will pay and the rest would pay later when they have it and after which collect their certificate. We shouldnt delay students for such reasons.

Wa Poly is set to hold their graduation ceremony for the 2016 and 2017 badges respectively.

By: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/ Upperwestmedia.net

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