Wa polytechnic as we speak is on a two weeks internal strike and it’s not even clear if the two weeks will be sufficient. Exams was supposed to start in February but as it IS now that is going to be affected.Now SRC and student body to have demonstration with press. How relevant is this? Will it change anything? Well that is why upper west media will always be diplomatic in tackling issues.Firstly, the council chairman is holding the school static.Why don’t we look at it this way, Gordon Aflakpui was rector now Amankwa is being imposed as rector and no body can challenge the issue, isn’t it obvious the council chairman(Jacob Sungsori From Kaleo) has a spiritual backing and might as well have taken this school through a spiritual process to control the staff and students so as to have a final say in issues? we have gone official with demonstrations and no plausible response. I believe the cause of this problem is that we disregard spiritualism when looking for solutions and take everything official but that is where the solution is..

Source: Upper West Media/Ghana

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