The Rector of Wa Polytechnic, Prof. Emmanuel Marfo-Owusu has been asked to step aside by the school governing Council after he has been alleged of causing financial loss to the Polytechnic.

The directive was issued in the early hours of Thursday morning April 5, 2018 after the Council met with officials of the Ministry of Education in Accra.

Commenting on the issue, the Public Relations Officer of the Polytechnic, Mr. Abdul Rahman Zakaria, noted that the directive was issued after some allegations were levelled against the Rector by the various workers unions in the Polytechnic including the Polytechnic Teachers Association of Ghana(POTAG), Polytechnic Administrators Association of Ghana(PAAG) as well as the Polytechnic Workers Association of Ghana(POWAG) for causing financial loss to the school and have petitioned the School governing council on March 23, 2018. ” POTAG, PAAG and POWAG have all petitioned Council on March 23, 2018 and have aledged in the petition that the Rector have caused financial loss to the school, they also aledged that the Rector has breached the public procurement Art when he was purchasing a car for his personal use. They again accussed him removing GH¢100,000.00 from the school internal generated fund with which he paid as surety before he was given the car to use, this and one others are the allegations” he noted.

Mr. Zakaria further indicated that, the petitioners wanted the Rector to have been removed from office based on the allegations but the council could not grant that and planned to constitute a committee to investigate the matter and offer the Rector chance to respond. ” The petitioners wanted the Rector to be removed from office but the council said they will first constitute a committee to investigate the matter and also hear from the Rector, the petitioners agreed to bring their evidences and the Rector too agreed” he said.
He added that, the recent decision to set aside the rector pending investigation was arrived at after the Rector went to court to seek for an interim injunction on the formation of the committee right after his investiture. ” On the 25th March, 2018 after the Rector’s investiture, he runs to court to seek an interim injunction on the formation of the committee so that he will not be investigated until November this year, then the council said they all agreed that the committee should be formed to probe the matter but now that he went to court for an injunction something needed to be than and an emergency meeting was called upon by the council at the Ministry of Education’s conference hall and agreed on three things, they first agreed to form the committee, set aside the Rector for investigations and finally asked the vice Rector, Dr. Baba Issah to chair the affairs of the school” the P.R.O noted.
Meanwhile, the Public Relations Officer has stated clearly that the school activities are still moving on and that nothing will halt as a result this matter “let me state that everything as we speak now is moving on well, lectures are going on, administrative works too are going on well” he stated. He made this known when he was speaking to the issue on Sungmaali 90.5fm, a community radio station in the Upper West region.

By: Saeed Fatawu-Wa.

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