Staff of Wa Polytechnic and Executives Of POTAG Have Come To A consensus that the staff will undertake a one week strike if their needs are not met within 24hours after their sitting, the sitting which had 10 board members present with nine as executive decision making board were against the decision that Mr.Amankwa be appointed Acting rector of Wa Polytechnic after the claim that Baba Boyela who is the incumbent was said not to be qualified after holding onto the position after the Rectors case of Abusing part of the constitution of the board was forwarded to court for actions to be taken.
The school requires that, to be a rector on has to hold a position of at least a Deen of the school which mr. Baba Boyela met the requirements. Eight members out of nine voted in favor of Mr. Baba but then it was still not approved although he had two more years left to handle the position of rector.
The staff have decided to go on strike until their demands are met to accept Baba As Acting Rector, meanwhile the council chairman wants Mr. Amankwa As Acting Rector And Baba As Acting Vice Rector which was not something to be backed. And per the constitution, the acting Rector is Entitled to 10% of What the rector takes as salary and all allowances intact. The council chairman was said to have been sending messages through E-mails to Accra to recommend Mr. Amankwa Instead of Baba For A Personal Reason.
Wa polytechnic is the youngest polytechnic in Ghana, situated in the upper west region. Programs offered there includes
Accountancy,Estate management,Building Technology,I.C.T,Secretariat and Management, Dispensary Technology, Agric Engineering AND other Diploma in business studies(DBS) courses.
The school due to this has problems with managing the activities of the school which includes financial issues. Students in this school have problems in Graduating and Matriculating students. The first years of 2015/2016 have not matriculated due to this reason. Hostel facilities under construction by a Chinese firm have been abandoned and a football field abandoned as well.

Images Of Wa Polytechnic Below:

Source: Upper West Media/Ghana

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