IMG10027Wa Polytechnic had its general assembly meeting on Friday 11th of December 2015,many people were in attendance including observers. It was a very horrendous night as the SRC President by name Dapilah Samson from Jirapa Of Accountancy 3 who was also the chairman of the day and a Cashier at Wa Co-operative credit union was autocratic in decision making in the house. People were furious about his approach towards people who got up to contribute to a point on the floor to be debated upon. If one gets up to talk against a point then the person is asked to hand over the mic. Which was strange as the budget which had it’s figures inflated by the incumbent SRC Board was being questioned, no point made by the house was considered a valid point even to the extent of a broom being bought for GHC3.
The President in an angry tone replied to the Assembly:
“ I am here to take my HND And SRC Certificate and go away, we are not colleagues, to those my mates who meet me in class and behave towards me as if we are colleagues wait till you meet me in my hometown Jirapa, in a pool there you can compare yourself to me, if any one should interrupt a conversation here the next place you will find yourself is in your house very soon I will be the deputy director at Wa Co-Operative Credit Union”.
This Annoyed The house, a Reviewed constitution introduced to the house full of grammatical errors was amended without assembly approving it.

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