Salifu Sabogu, Chairman of Upper West Regional Tricycle Riders Association

Mr Saboggu Salifu, the Chairman of the Cambuu (tricycles) Riders Association in Wa, appealed to the MTTD to take action against minors who ride tricycles and said they were contributing to the accident cases in Wa.

He said the involvement of minors in the tricycle business was also a source of concern to them because “It causes children to drop out of school and when there is no work for them to do in the future, they become criminals and worry all of us.”

The motor dealers thanked the NRSA for engaging them and pledged to play their part to support the authority in enforcing the road regulations.

Representatives of the State Insurance Company, and Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority who attended the meeting organised by the NRSA as part of its road safety campaign, also took turns to address the participants.

Mr. Sabogu has assured residents that charges will be Reduced soon.

Source: Info Radio

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