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Price of Fowl Eggs have dropped marginally at mass production avenues within the Wa Municipality of Upper West Region.

A Crate was sold for Ghc32 in several shops within the Town. The Pricing window of July 2022 has resulted in prices dropping to Ghc29 and Ghc28 in some areas, at some tea joints, one egg was sold at Ghc2 but has reduced to Ghc1.50.

Speaking to Top K ventures, a distributor within the municipality, he indicated that the reduction Was necessary in order to cushion customers within the season of high inflation.

Prices are expected to remain stable till the month of August Comes to an end, Top K suggested the price of Poultry feed will serve a major decider in pricing of eggs.

Meanwhile Price of Sachet Water has also dropped In Wa, a bag containing 30 pieces goes for Ghc4 whilst 4 pieces go for Ghc1 relatively compared with Ghc5 in June and Ghc1 for three pieces whilst cool Pac still goes for Ghc5.


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