Prince Karim

Award Winning Raggae Artiste from the Upper West Region by name Prince Karim has trimmed his dreadlocks and looks different from his previous Rastafarian appearance.

The Lucky Dube of Upper West Region was spotted with a Celebrated writer from the Region by name Ismael Journagh in a section of Wa.

In a long write-up, Ismael Journagh expressed Positive remarks about the Artiste.


I visited Prince Karim aka Jah-bone in Wa, Upper West region! He is a great musician by all standards, you need to listen to his works. He sings in his native Waali and Gonja languages and is flawless at that.

He has created a song called “Walala”, I listened to it at least ten times a day! It is something else, and another mesmerized called “Bie”. Others, include, Nnuna, Nabila, Nnyinta, Nteri-joma, Nma, Mwine-yela, etc.

These songs will make you weep. They sound awesome and carry deep emotions. The feeling is one drop as the legendary Bob Marley well puts it.

” Walala” is one of my favorite songs, and it is about God “hating himself” in the sense that the people who claim to be in the image of God turn to hate each other, and this, he said in the song, is the case across the entire globe–religious fanatics and extremists and hypocrites (turn-coats)

I think it is more so in the North of Ghana and my home region because of endemic levels of poverty and deep levels of depravity which over the years we the Northerners have done little to change and the nation has paid lip service to it.

Watch out for Prince Karim”s songs, so deep, and his eloquence in the Waali language is shocking! You don’t need to understand Waali before you can connect with him and enjoy his songs, they are natural and you can feel the meaning of his songs before you ask a native for the meaning.

And so this day I was in Wa and decided to visit him with the family and mind blowing it was, what a joy it was when we met.

We need to celebrate this legend among us for his great works else we will be seen as hypocrites! Call him to perform during your events! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­

Thank you, Ahmed Bamie Tahir-Ahmed for these wonderful shots!



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