Fire Service Officers we’re at Wa SHSTS

Some Fire Service Officers have encurred the wrath of residents do Wa for Stayint aloof whilst first destroyed a multi million dormitory block within A Senior High School in the Wa Municipality.

In a Video Circulating, some fire officers were seen in A Video taking scenes of the outbreak, this didn’t go down well with some Residents who felt the officers stood aloof causing financial loss to the state.

A witness at the scene by name Glenn, also expressed worry about the fact that the fire officers complained about shortage of water when they arrived at the scene a Development he felt was alarming.

The fire Outbreak took place at the Girls Dormitory of Wa Senior High Technical School late hours of Sunday January 23, 2023


Yrs Faithfully Westcoast

“Fire service… I think they are always servicing the burning of the fire 🔥 rather than quenching it…”

Daniel Gandiibu Hughes

“Ghana National Fire Service Your officers are unprofessional. They were taking video instead of fire fighting”


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