GOIL in Kambali, Upper West

Some residents of Kambali and its surrounding areas have accused the GOIL branch at Kambali of extortion.

Some residents stated that the pumps have been fastened making it easy for the fuel dispenser to blow air into their machines rather than fuel.

Explaining further, a victim admitted the machine reads the price and litters but what is dispensed is below the litters pumped.

Another victim speaking on request for anonymity added that this mostly happens in the night when people will find it difficult to look into their tanks or take strict measures by reporting.

A similar issue was reported 8 weeks ago at Petrosol’s branch on the Charia road where air is sold to customers at the expense of fuel. The Manager popularly known as ‘Thing for You’ was compelled to layoff the suspect after investigation proved true.

The residents have suggested if nothing is done they will have no option than to report to the necessary authorities for action to be taken.

GOIL was on the media for issues of deliberately extorting customers few months ago, the Ghana Chamber of Petroleum took the necessary measures to sanction them with one of the measures being for GOIL to issue free fuel to customers for some days.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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