Aggar De Designer

A Fan of Music and Social Media Personality within the Spheres of Upper West Region, Agger De Designer has condemned the practice of neglecting Senior artistes in the Music industry for new comers.

Speaking on his social media handle, Agger De Designer indicated that some long lasting artistes in the Music industry including Imoru Ayaana are not given the needed Recognition they deserve.

He compared Imoru Ayaana to Nana Ampadu an Icon within the Spheres of the Music Industry in Ghana.

“.. there was a time Nana Ampadu was organizing a show in the Southern part of Ghana, a ticket was Ghc500 but organizers were able to sell all tickets, Yet in the Upper West Region no timeless Artiste Such at Taaza Tailor can attract such recognition…”

He Bemoaned instances where Imoru Ayaana was chased down from Stage several times.

“.. there are times Imoru Ayaana was sent of Stage after fans hooted at him..”.

Source: Upper West Media App

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