The Incident Occured at Wa Police Round About

A royal motorcycle rider has gone into hiding after he had used an unapproved root to make his way through to Wa Nayiri.

The incident occured on Thursday 9th June 2022 at 11pm.

The Rider with Registration Number M-UW-21-4347  was on top speed attempting to sneak through a road meant for incoming vehicles popularly known as ‘one way’ at the Wa Police round about,  in an attempt to use that section of the Road,  a tricycle rider who had not registered his commercial vehicle was approaching from the Ferguson Street,  the Rider collided with the Tricycle and as a result police came to the scene to assess issues, the tricycle which fell on its side was dragged down to normalcy whilst the motorbike had its front fork and tyre damaged as a result of the accident.

Police demanded to see the owner of the motorbike but he was nowhere to be found,  the police were compelled to drag the accident bike into the police yard to make way for incoming vehicles.
Meanwhile,  rider of the Tricycle popularly known as ‘Camboo’ had also left the scene with his tricycle unannounced.


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