Sachet Water in Wa

Price of Sachet Water has dropped significantly in the last pricing window within the month of July.

Per reports gathered from some distributors, prices were ranging between Ghc5 and Ghc6 per a bag which contains 30 Pieces.

3 pieces were sold at Ghc1 in several shops in Wa, checks at Kambali as at 8pm on 13th July 2022 proved 4 sachets were being sold at Ghc1 away from the previous 3 initially Sold at Ghc1.

A bag of Zam Zam sachet water has been reduced to Ghc4, checks from Dayel water company also proves a bag goes from Ghc4.

Sachet Water Prices shot up in July 2021 to Ghc3, it went further up in December 2021 to Ghc4.50 and also to Ghc5 in April 2022.

Several agitations came up and as a result some Businesses were issued letters cautioning them to sell at Ghc5 to avoid closure. The Chairman of Sachet Water Producers, Alhaji Toyiba Mahama later issued a statement Explaining that he never directed any taskforce to increase prices, he added that some group of people had forged his signature on their personal interest.


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