Kpaguri Assembly Man(Left), Kambali Assembly Man(Middle), Mangu Assembly Man(Right)

Three Assembly Members in the Wa Municipality have faught tirelessly for prostitution to be a thing of the past in the Wa Municipality and Upper West Region at Large.

in September 2021, The Assembly Member for Kpaguri Electoral Area Kicked against Prostitution in his electoral area, he said the act is Unethical and has Negative Social effects on the Development of youth in the area, as a result, he drew the Attention of residence to the fact that any suspicious issues of such nature could be reported to him for actions to be taken. Due to his tireless efforts dedicated to fight Prostitution in Kpaguri, the Assembly Member, Hon. Osman Nurideen Signed a Bond of Good Behavior with Ghana Police for Allegedly involving himself in the Destruction of a Brothel in Kpaguri.

The Assembly Member for Kambali Electoral Area, Hon. Masahudu Adam Jabagdao has also kick strongly against Prostitution in his electoral area, he referred to the act as Abhorrent and irresponsible on the part of those practicing it, he called for State Institutions to take up the task to deport foreigners in his Electoral area involved in the Practice, His Decision was backed by the Assembly Member for Mangu Electoral Area, Hon. Mohammed Sakibu, who also advocated for foreigners involved to be repatriated.

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Their Stands were were met with fierce resistance by some Beneficiaries including an advocate by name Rainis Braimah who referred to their calls as Unfortunate.


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