Children Idling on Street of Duori

Fasting has come to an end based on the Approved Islamic Calender Released by the National Chief Imam, Shiekh Sharabutu. Eid-UL-Fitr Has been Marked Today 22nd April 2023 with Monday 24th Declared as a Public Holiday by the Minister for Interior, Hon. Ambrose Dery.

Some Children have gone out from home in a quest to visit some relatives nearby and far in order to socialize and reunite after 30 days of fasting and prayers.

Some of these children without proper monitoring have resorted to begging for money from lots of people including people they do not know or relate with.

This exposes children to dangers including possible abduction, poisoning and other social hazards.

Per ethics, children are supposed to be monitored, their moves should be monitored by parents including what they eat.

Some of the children on the road can easily demand for favors from strangers in the form of money, food, drinks with the statement “Barikada Sallah”.

Previously, this was done to relatives of such children, it wasn’t prudent for children to demand monies or gifts from strangers in the Name of “Barikada Sallah”.


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