A physical trainee and Sports Teacher of Wa Senior High Technical School identified only as Rashid, a resident of Kuntah has been kept on Open Release for aiding student of the school, mostly girls possess and charge phones with him.

Wa Senior High Technical

This has been kept undercover for over a term compelling students most especially first years forgo their sports lessons called HPERS. The informant threw more light on the issue indicating instances where they have forgone sports activities and recreation due this hidden decision by a group of administrative staff in the School.

Wa Sec Tech

For now student no longer go for Jogging, there are no more entertainment sessions in the school as authorities claim the gadgets have been stolen and would have been replaced in August 2018, the culprit was also alleged to have been apprehended and put before court for stealing the school’s ENTERCOM gadgets.

Informants within also added that students are being compelled to pay PTA levy of Ghc120.00 each with the final year students being threatened to forgo their clearance if they fail to pay, the students according to the informant are asked to pay these monies into a PTA account at any Ghana Commercial Bank Branch. This comes weeks after the Ministry of Education in an official note halted the collection of PTA levies or dues in any form from students.

Wa Senior High Technical School is Located in Wa Municipal of Upper West.

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