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A Security Man of Child Support Ghana Foundation, a non profit Orphanage School in Wa-Kpaguri has been physically Assaulted by assailants on Friday 9th September 2022.

The Security Man from Charia was lying on a bench in Pavilion when a brick moulded with concrete was used on his head resulting in blood oozing from his ears and parts of his face.

According to a female staff [Ne Withheld] who spoke to Upperwestmedia Team, the staff revealed that the security Man shouted on top of his voice and she rushed out to find him gasping for his life.

“I was praying at night when I heard someone shout in the Yard, I came out to see a man but he rush to the fencing wall at the back and jumped out, I went to the pavilion only to realize the security Man was bleeding profusely, some sisters of mine staying within the yard rushed to where I was to assist, unfortunately there was no man amongst us so the Suspect was able to run away”.

She added that some traces of blood was found and police picked up some evidence.

“The police came here and his sandals were outside, he left them by the road so the police picked them up, management also pruned the trees in the yard afterwards”.

He has been sent to the Regional Hospital for treatment.

48 hours after the development, another security Man was attacked at Star Standards International School also in Kpaguri estate was also Kidnapped, Kwame went to work on Sunday, 11th September but could not be found afterwards, police have visited the scene for Investigations.

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