Wa: Serial Killings; Immigration PRO Writes

Upper West Regional Immigration PRO, ASP, IBN Yussif Duranah Abdul-Mumin Seidu

The Upper West Regional Public Relations Officer of Ghana Immigration Service Ibn Yussif Duranah Abdul-Mumin Seidu has delved into recent unfortunate developments in the Wa Municipality.


The present happenings in the heart of the Wala traditional area is not just a worry to the indigenes of the beloved UWR, it’s apparent that it’s equally a nightmare to all the people living in the region and, the whole country for that matter. Ibsha Allah, this too shall pass! In these trying times, in these unusual moments of uncompromising fear and panic, in these situation of exotic culture of quirky killings, I respectfully appeal to everyone to remain calm, resolute and law abiding. We must not throw out the law because some few unrepentant criminals are breaking the law.

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In order not to embolden the perpetrators of these irregular killings and their attendant effects on our society, we simply need to be extraordinarily Patient but Vigilant while frantic efforts are made to bring the criminals to book. It’s painful, it’s largely hurting and it’s grossly unbelievably unbearable, I believe it can be endured. Together we must be stronger, steadfast and determined enough to sanitise the once peaceful Wa Municipality from the present criminal offences.

Our patience, our loyalty to the laws of the land and our commitment to our traditional heritage must not be interpreted as cowardice, it’s just a sign of love and respect to norms and mores and values. As much as possible, we must avoid stereotypes or prejudice. No single group of persons has a crime as a birth-right.

If we decide to vent our anger, if we decide to circumvent due process, we’ll be introducing another criminal offence thereby rendering the main issue a bit irrelevant.

The trust and confidence in the law enforcement agencies must be our inalienable inspiration. I urge the general public, particularly the youth, to exercise restraint, listen to our traditional authorities and play by the rules. This too shall pass!. Let’s eschew violence, vengeance and reprisal rhetoric with the apparent tendency of derailing our worthy course for justice in the subject.

I strongly believe that we represent the needed peace or should be. I further strongly believe that justice will be served.
Barika Barika Yagajaaaa

Source: Mr. Ibn Yussif Duranah Abdul-Moomin Seidu

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