Several Appealing for Q.NET to be Banned in India

Quite a number of young men and women have expressed worry over inability to access their monies after depositing it into what they referred to as Q.NET Business.

The business is an online transaction in Wa and located close to Upland Hotel. Most of its members meet there every morning to discuss plans and how to introduce new members into the transaction.

One has to cough up a minimum of Ghc3,900 to be able to Join as the minimum capital and Ghc5,500 as the Maximum.

An insider who expressed worry with the low patronage of it has admitted some of these members deposited their school fees into it and have challenges in academic activities like graduation and writing of exams, others deposited their properties they converted into cash.

The business requires one to introduce at least two people after them to be able to earn a minimum of Ghc900 a week. This has motivated several young men and women to rush into the online business by depositing in it.

It can be recalled that several of these ponzi schemes have hit upper west of late:

Lime Paradise
Little Drops
God is Love
Diamond Winners
Fortune Builders

And were able to make away with fortunes deposited by people.

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