Asonya Gh

Showbiz Critic and general manager of Onemuzikgh entertainment portal has expressed shock after his Motorbike was stolen at a major event in Wa.

Asonya Gh went to social media on 6th January 2023 to break the sad news to his fans, the bike with registration number M-20 – UW
1995 is black in color.

“Them steal my motorbike this evening!
It’s Loujia with M-20 – UW
1995 as the number

Several people have begun Sympathizing with him with other expressing shock and questioning the state of Security at the Venue.

Asonya Gh is currently at first and Last Gardens where he is observing Developments at the Upper West Music Awards Night.

Several People have been honored at the Awards Night Including Ras Bingi, Producer of Sinmaju, a move released a decade ago, M.I Makuse was also honored, Wiyaala and Samini were not left out.


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