Young Children Idling in Wa-Kabanye

The Waala Traditional State, led by Wa Naa  Fuseini  Seidu Pelupuo IV, has taken a strong stance against the increasing  levels of indolence and immorality within the society, particularly in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

In a press release issued on Thursday, the chieftaincy institution expressed deep concern over the rising spate of moral decay and issued a stern warning to those involved.

Five Areas in Wa Where Children Loiter About at Odd Hours.

Firstly, Kabanye Residential Area, This is an area where children are spotted on the road and by the road side at odd hours, some notable places one can spot such Children are major road linking Total 1 Fuel Station to the Constituency Secretariat of National Democratic Congress, Other Areas include the Hospital Ring Road.

Secondly, Nayiri-Insurance Road, the road is a busy spot for adolescents and Underaged group of people including girls, this exposes them to negative peer Group influence on the streets, some adolescents who spoke to Upper West Media Team attributed it to congested rooms back home.

Thirdy, Kambali Community. Lots of children move around and about during odd hours in the area especially on the Wa-Maase Road. These underaged groups are sometimes influenced by friends as a result end up in social vices such as stealing and promiscuity.

Fourthly, Kpaguri Residential Area, lots of children are spotted during odd hours on some parts of the Dankpalihi streets and the Wa-Xavier road idling by the road side, some children upper west media team spotted indicated that their parents sent them on an errand to buy mosquito coil.

Last but not the least,Duori Residential Area, lots of children are spotted idling in some parts of Duori at night, some dominant areas include road linking Wa Maase to through parks and Gardens to the Charia main road.

Lastly, Wa Paani and Jangbeyiri Areas, lots of children are spotted at night in such areas after 1 pm, these groups of underaged groups explained to Upper West Media Team that their rooms are warm and congested, others added that they came out to buy some food to eat.

Source: Upper West Media App

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