Kankani Adongo

Mr. Kankani Adongo was apprehended on Monday 19th of September 2022 by the Ghana Police Service in Bamahu, a suburb of Wa Municipality.

The Development has kept tongues wagging and has also brought a sigh of relief to several people including The Igbo Community in Wa.

Several Security Men have been killed in Parts of Wa in line of Duty and the development has created fear and panic in People within the town.

One of the abducted security men was shallowly buried but exhumed on 18th of September between Bamahu and Kpongu after thorough checks inn and around town.

Social Media Background of Kankani Adongo

Per some checks carried out by Upperwestmedia Team, it has been revealed that Kankani Adongo has a Facebook Account, he has 170 Facebook friends and was last seen publicly online 13th of November 2020, he had previously changed his profile picture on November 7th 2020 and Updated it 6 days after 7th November 2020.

Several People reacted to his profile pictures, he had 11 reactions on his first profile picture and 5 reactions on his second profile picture.

Profile of Kankani Adongo

Kankani Adongo

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