Mr. Rockson Afriyie, Head of Department for ICT, Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University

A Lecturer and Head of Department for ICT at Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University has observed that basic Schools in parts of Wa Municipality lack sufficient logistics to operate.

He made the pronouncements after his department paid a visit to Kpongu Islamic Junior High School to access and assist students with Practical Skills in Information and communication Technology(ICT) on 13th of August 2022 alongside Students of ATUITS.

Mr. Rockson Donated some ICT books he authored in order to assist students in studies, he added that the students were not exposed to Practical tools to enhance their studies.

He Urged Authorities to invest enough resources in Basic Schools in order to facilitate effective teaching and learning.

“Actually they were very happy being their first time of seeing the tools or devices we sent there, we sent things like projector there before them, the first time seeing that and we also had our own laptops they used, apart from that I am an author so I had some books too which is the ICT so after the training we presented that to the students to prepare towards their final exams”.


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