Sheikh Musah Azhar(Left) Made the Pronouncements at a Radio Station

An islamic Scholar within the Wa Municipality, Shekh Musah Al-Ansur Azhar has urged Muslims to desist from the practice of going to the police station to bail crime suspects apprehended for engaging in various unlawful activities including stealing.

In an Interview with Najimdeen Yahaya on Radio Waa’s Tafsir Program an Eve to the break of Fasting, the Sheikh Narrated how some group of muslims rush to get themselves involved in unislamic practices known as Haram.
He went into details to explain that people who engage in unlawful activities should be made to face the law rather than trying to massage the issue, he added that if sharia law was applicable no Muslim will go begging scholar not to cut off the hands of thieves.

“Islam is against going to police station to bail a debtor who has been arrested without paying off the debt, if someone steals, don’t bail them, once we don’t cut off hands here and they law is to be applied, its fair allow the Law to take is course”.

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